1.         What Junior Cricket is played in our district and which one for my child/me?



2.         Introductory and Non Competition Cricket:


2.1       Milo In2cricket

2.2       Milo T20Blast


3          Competition Cricket:


3.1       Mixed [Boys and Girls] Competition Cricket

3.2       Representative Cricket

3.3       In which age group am I?


4.         Sydney Sixers Girls Cricket League – Girls Only Cricket


4.1       Sydney Sixers League

4.2       When do the girls play?

4.3       Girls Representative Cricket


5.         General Information:


5.1       What uniforms/gear do I need to provide?

5.2       How much does it cost?

5.3       Can Parents/Others help?

5.4       Want to sign up?


1.         What Cricket is Played in Our District and which One for My Child/Me?


This season Mortdale Heights will again be involved with:

  • Running Milo In2Cricket and Milo T20 Blast Programs;
  • Fielding teams in both Mixed (boys and girls) Competition.
  • Girls Only Cricket.


2.       Introductory and Non Competition Cricket:


2.1       Milo In2cricket:     

This is an introductory form of cricket designed for boys and girls aged between 5-7 who are playing cricket for the first time.


The structure of In2cricket is a series of fun games and activities aimed at teaching children the basic skills. Generally this programme runs for 10weeks from early Oct-December.


Not all clubs run In2Cricket programmes, but our Association also runs a combined one which caters for all.


Mortdale Heights Milo In2 is run on a weekday - usually a Monday 4:30 - 5:30 - starting after school holidays in October and run through to mid December.

Location is Gannons Park, Lugarno/Peakhurst.


The St George Association Milo In2 program is on Saturday mornings 8:00 - 9:30. Starting date is usually mid September and runs through to mid-December.

Location is Hurstville Oval.



 2.2       Milo T20Blast:           

Milo T20 Blast is the next level from the In2Cricket program, however many ‘older’ girls and boys use this form as an introduction to cricket.


As for In2Cricket, the focus is on children having fun while they learn and develop the basic skills of cricket.


The format for MiloT20 is for teams to participate in weekly modified cricket matches played to special rules to ensure maximum enjoyment and participation.


  • No protective gear (such as helmets, pads) is required.
  • Games are of 16 overs each side, with one game played each day.
  • A full length pitch (20 metres) is not used. The pitch length is reduced to approx. 15 metres.
  • A plastic ball - similar to the In2 ball - is used in place of the regular harder rubber/leather cricket ball. Plastic bats are used.
  • Teams have a maximum of 8 players per team.
  • Special rules are in place to ensure that each player gets an equal opportunity and time to bat, bowl and wicket-keep. 
  • When batting, batters bat in 'pairs' for 4 overs each pair. If a batsman is dismissed, then he/she does not cease batting, but continues until the 4 over limit is reached.


T20 programs run for 1.5 hrs each week. Most likely this season games will be played Saturday mornings 8:30-10:00 If not,  Fridays 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

All games are held at the one location each week (e.g. last season games were at Beverly Hills)


During the program there is special entertainment provided and players who are "idle" (i.e. waiting to bat) participate in specialised Skills Training exercises to help them develop and keep them involved.


There is no restriction on age for T20 Blast.


3.         Competition Cricket


3.1       Mixed [Boys and Girls] Competition Cricket

Competitive cricket is played in our District in Age Divisions - Under 10; 11; 13; 15; 117. Each of these divisions is split into Grades A, B, C depending upon skill levels of participants and number of teams registering in each age group.


Most age groups' games are played as a one-day format. Although most of the "A" grade 17s' games may be played as two-day formats over two consecutive mornings - probably on Sundays to give the players an opportunity to play on turf wickets.  

For two-day games, one team will bat the first week, the other team the following. 

It is also possible that some of the older age groups may play one-day format for some games, and these be held on a weekday during daylight saving periods.


Special rules are in place to ensure that each player has the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the game. Under 10s and 11 B grade play 20 overs each side, higher grades 30 overs.

 Starting time is 8:30 and finishing times vary according to age group -  10s and B grade 11s finish by 11:00; 13s etc. 12:00. 


Competition cricket matches start on the first Saturday of September and run 'til end March. there are no games held during school holidays.


Semi-finals, Finals are played on completion of the preliminary rounds, with finals being concluded by end March the following year.


2.4       Representative Cricket

Our Association also fields teams on behalf of St George Cricket in Representative (boys and girls) competitions against other Districts.


Players for these teams are selected from trials held early in September.

All Mortdale Heights players are advised of these trials prior to the starting date.


Representative games are played on Sundays and last the full day. Trial and competition games start in October, with finals played January/February



3.3      In which age group am I?

 The “cut-off” date for each age group is 31st August.

  • For example: If a player turns 11 AFTER this date, then he/she may play in the Under 11s.

The exception is for girls playing. Girls are allowed to play one grade below their age group. For example, a 12 year old girl may play in Under 1s.



 4.        Sydney Sixers Girls Cricket League – Girls Only Cricket


 Sydney Sixers Girls Cricket League is cricket for those girls who wish to play the game, but not in the "mixed" format of boys and girls.


4.1      Sydney Sixers League  

This is the first level of entry for girls wishing to play competition cricket.

At time of writing, the rules for league games are under review, but a good guideline is:

  • A proper leather ball is used and protective gear must be worn.
  • There are 9 players in a team.
  • Games are played in 20/20 cricket format:-
  • Each side bats for 16 overs.
  • To ensure as much individual involvement as possible, bowlers are restricted as to how many overs they may bowl, and every player must bowl.
  • Batters must retire at certain points of the game.

Subject to number of teams and ages, there are three grades/age groups within the Sixers League:

  • UNDER 13: Players must be under the age of 13 as at midnight on 31st August of the year the season commences.
  • UNDER 15: Players must be under the age of 15 as at midnight on 31st August of the year the season commences
  • UNDER 17: Players must be under the age of 17 as at midnight on 31st August of the year the season commences.

In special cases exemptions to the age restriction may be applied depending upon a players experience, skill level.



4.3       When do the girls play?

There are two competitions:

Spring - starting in October through to December;

Summer - starting in February through to end March.

Matches are played on Saturday afternoons. The hours of play are 2:00 – 4:30.

4.4       Girls Representative Cricket:

Currently Girls representative Competitions are under review, but to date...


Our Division also fields teams in Representative Competitions during the summer school holidays.


These competitions (the Molly Dive [Under 13] and Margret Peden [Under 15]) are 20/20 knock-out competitions between teams from Cricket Associations throughout the state and are held over 3 days in January each year.


Teams are selected after a series of trials and all Mortdale Heights players are advised of these trials prior to the starting date.



5         General Information


5.1       What uniforms/gear do I need to provide?

 Players must wear predominantly white clothing. This means predominantly white shoes, white socks, white shorts/trousers and white T shirt. Although approved coloured shirts - especially for Girls Only are permitted.

For first time players our club provides a club playing shirt and cap once the season commences.


Cricket gear is provided by the club, but you are welcome to purchase your own. Do not go to any great expense, as children usually grow out of it within a year.

We recommend gear be purchased from Kingsgrove Sports Centre. They have very competitive prices and provide excellent professional advice.


For hygiene reasons, it is strongly recommended that each child has his/her own “protector” with name written on it.


5.2        How much does it cost?

Fees for our club vary each year and are detailed in the Registration Application Form. Thanks to the generous support of the St George Masos Club, Mortdale we are able to keep our fees to a minimum, and are among the cheapest in the district.


5.3       Can Parents/Others help?

 YES please.

Any assistance is most welcome. We are always looking for coaches, team managers, and scorers. Please contact the club, or your coach if you are willing to help.


We provide assistance with coach/manager training.


In recognition for their efforts, Mortdale Heights does not charge registration fees for any coach’s children, nor for junior’s coaches playing senior cricket.



5.4       Want to sign up?

 Complete download and complete an application form from "Register" on our website ( ).
Alternatively, contact us at the address below and we'll be happy to send information to you.


Many thanks

 I hope your season with our club is an enjoyable one. Should you have any further enquiries, please contact me and we’ll be happy to help.



Matt Boland


M.H.C.C. (; 9594-5781)