In2Cricket with Mortdale Heights

In2Cricket is the best fun way for young children to learn the skills and play cricket.
Ideal for kids aged 6-7, but not restricted to these ages.

Basically it is a set of short small group activities/games each lasting about 15 minutes in which children learn to bowl, bat, catch and field. The emphasis is on enjoyment, and mums/dads etc are encouraged to join in.
There is no need for any special clothing to be worn, T shirt, shorts/track pants, sneakers are fine, but a hat must be worn. All equipment is supplied. Bring a drink.
Mortdale Heights is involved in 2 programs which will be running this season..
(1) StGDCA:    The first is with the association with which we are affiliated (St George District Cricket Association).
This program is run on Saturday mornings between 8:00 – 9:30 approx. and is held at Hurstville Oval, Dora St. Hurstville.
The commencement date for 2017 has not been confirmed as yet, but is most likely 9th or 16th September, and the program will run to mid December.
Cost for this program is $75 which covers all tuition, insurance and at the end of the program each child will receive a gift pack of a backpack, plastic bat and ball, floppy hat and T shirt as well as some goodies from Milo.
The coordinator for this program is a highly qualified coach, Bushy Pillay who specialises in teaching/coaching young children, and with a couple of off-siders to help out. Parent participation is most welcome.
To register, simply turn up on the first day. There is no need to sign-up or pay the first day, as this session is a ‘come-and-try’ day, with no charge associated. Instructions on how to sign-up will be given at this session


(2) MLP:    The second program is the Mortdale-Lugarno-Peakhurst program which is run by our Club .
  The format is same as (1) above, but will held on a weekday after school (Mondays 4:30 – 5:30) and will be at Gannons Park (Boatwright Ave entrance, Lugarno).

This program will commence after the school holidays on 9th October and run through to 11th December. 

Cost for this $75 per child and covers the same as (1) with each participant also receiving the same pack. Similarly, signing up may be done after the first session, or on line at our website,  

(We recommend you delay registration until after your child has tried the first session - on-line payments are not refundable)[Click on REGISTER on the MENU bar above, select IN2REGO]

If you wish, you may bring your child/ren to the first couple of GRStG Saturday morning sessions to try it out, then switch to the MLP program after the holidays. You don’t need to sign up for both.
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